We provide the most suitable solution and product with our experienced team and international business partners. With our corporate solutions your needs for consumables, hardware and software are met in the most economical ways.



We are at your service for consumables, hardware and software with over 4.000 product variety with world's leading brands such as Hp, Canon, Samsung, Lexmark, Oki, Brother, Xerox, Epson among them.



remove We are continuing to Gold Partnership with Hp which has been maintained for 12 years as wholesaler
remove Our new web site has opened.Click to visit.
remove is renewing..


Eraltek Bilişim Ltd. Şti. was founded in April 2006. The company offers you the original products, the competitive prices, alternative finance solutions and quick logistic facilities with our experienced work-mates and with diversity of the products.

Another co-founder of our firm M. Murat Altıok has begun working as partner in informatics sector in 1990. He has signed contracts with most firm in Turkey and managed dealer relationships.
8 employee as Eraltek Our headquarters is in Ankara. Supplying and distributing are done with 3 car fleet. As wholesaler, our products are in our stocks at whole time which has total 300 m2 capacity.
We are seeking to come up with creative, economic and ecologist solutions for community and private sector's informatics and stationary needs.

Vision - Mission

The mission of Eraltek is to serve the technological products and services with efficiently and economically to the stationaries, computer companies and other sales places; to supply the products to the firms in an efficient way and; to continue to be a player and a leader of the it sector.


Eraltek employees and administrators, act with the highest ethical standarts, honesty and justice principles with every job done. As important as those principles, our accounting, transparency and clearness policies make our employees responsible to each other, to our suppliers and customers, to our country and society. The foundation of Eraltek's success lies "constant change" principle. This principle, described as not just about keep pace with motion of technology, but also lead to the motion of environment that we are live in.


Those are the values that Eraltek presents to its customers:
   removeBroad product variety and stock
   removeSincere communication
   removeGuidance in store
   removeFinancial solutions
   removeMarketing Services
   removeFast and timely logistics services



Eraltek has 300 m2 total area of a store and warehouse in Ankara.In logistics department with 5 employees, products are delivered by company's vehicles to the customers. At every step From order to billing a software is used and everything is completed online. Eraltek, uses that software for informatics technologies and stationery products to order, billing and stock control, price informations, warehouse management, customer, malfunction and cargo tracking and reporting.

Billing and Collection

In Billing and Collection department there are 3 employees. This department tracks its customer's credit statuses, payment statistics, financial powers and determines the customers which are going to get credit in order to acquired data.

Technical and Customer Services

Eraltek does not provide after sale technical support.This is because, the products that Eraltek selling have local and worldwide guaranteed professional technical support. Therefore Eraltek, the team that has technical knowledge within the company, provides techical briefing until sale.

Sales and Marketing

Eraltek's product control in sales and marketing department, constructed as transferring data as soon as possible within the responsibility of sales manager and customer agent. Eraltek's sales and marketing campaigns done by the support of suppliers. The company and the supplier agrees on common price and start the campaign. Campaign activities are done with brochure and periodic price catalogs. Communication with customers is carried out with email, messenger or fax.

Eraltek Team

Firstname Lastname Job E-mail Extension
M.Murat ALTIOK General Manager 17
Serap YARALI Sales Manager 13
Kadir KOZAN Financial & Accounting Manager 18
Hasan DURMUŞ Corporate Area Sales Supervisor 12
Kerem ÜNAL Sales Department 14
Mehtap ANAR AÇIKGÖZ Sales Department 15
Bekir ARICI Corporate Area Sales Supervisor -
Hüseyin KOYUNCU Lojistik Department 16



Eraltek Informatics has been increasing investments in ERP software and hardware, to serve faster and online to its customers from 2008. Respectively, Eraltek was served its B2B sale website To ease the sales of consumables, Eraltek was opened consumable search With corporate web site, and B2C sites were opened, and finally for reaching all those sites more easily, a portal site was opened.

Eraltek Informatics aimed to serve online therefore was opened software, hardware, consumable sale, consumable search and portal web sites.

Eraltek Portal

Eraltek portal, is a portal that you can reach the web sites easily that within the Eraltek Informatics. In this site, you are also look at the price lists, subscribe us with email and contact with us.


Toptancım is a sales site exclusive for Eraltek dealers. You can skim through our products and shop securely.


By entering the one of Eraltek's equivalent muadil toner brands Diviter's web site, you can find suitable toner for your printer and buy it instantly.

Free Office

Like other toners, Eraltek's another equivalent toner brand Free Office Toner, has started sale at it's web site.

Sarf Arama

In this site, you can search for toners and cartridges that Eraltek sales, and see which of those is suitable for whatever printer.


When you become our dealer, you can make use of price and payment advantages for you and shop from our B2B web site or via customer agents. Follow the steps below for become a dealer.

For becoming Eraltek dealer
  • looks_oneFill the online membership contractkeyboard_arrow_down

    You can get the online membership contract from here.

  • looks_twoSend the documents below to uskeyboard_arrow_down

    You can send to our Fax number or email address.

    • businessFor corporateskeyboard_arrow_down

      removePhotocopy of signature circuler
      removePhotocopy Trade Registery Paper
      removePhotocopy of Tax Board
      removePhotocopy of partners, represend and bind's identities

    • account_boxFor private companieskeyboard_arrow_down

      removePhotocopy of signature circuler or declaration
      removePhotocopy of activity certificate
      removePhotocopy of Tax Board
      removePhotocopy of attendance form
      removePhotocopies of identities

  • looks_3Feedbackkeyboard_arrow_down

    You will be informed by customer agent after evaluations.

To signup for which is only for Eraltek dealers.
  • looks_oneDownload the membership formkeyboard_arrow_down

    click here for membership form.

  • looks_twoFill the formkeyboard_arrow_down

    Fill all the blanks in the form you have downloaded, stamp and have the authorised person sign the form.

  • looks_3Send the form to uskeyboard_arrow_down

    Send the form as 2(two) copies to our address

  • looks_4Feedbackkeyboard_arrow_down

    Dealer code, username and password will be send the email address you have written in the form.


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